Camping in Munich

Today marks my 11th day in Munich and I am still homeless and looking for an apartment where I can lay my head. It sounds depressing, but it really isn’t. For the past nine days I have been camping in the west side of Munich at a great campground. The neighborhood, Nymphenburg, is nice and even looks a little wealthy I think.

Nymphenburg has been my second home in Munich. Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is log into my computer to read messages from Andrea and check my email hoping for an apartment viewing. Yes, I do miss her, dearly, but she is coming to visit very soon! Soon after checking my computer, I feel my belly calling for food and so I prepare a nice sandwich with all the powers you can add to two small slices of bread. Since I have no kitchen I’ve become very skilled at preparing all my food on the top of my cooler. I get the two pieces of bread and lay them side by side. Cut a piece of avocado and with a fork smash it as a spread on both pieces. Add salt, salami, cheese, cucumber, tomato, arugula  and a teaspoon of olive oil and there you have it, breakfast is served! One of the most enjoyable things in life is to prepare your own food and I’ve been lucky I can still do it even without a stove! Lots of veggies, hummus and nuts have been the main news for lunch and dinner.
Given the fact that my diet has consisted of mostly cold sandwiches like the one described above, I’ve been craving hot meals! Coming from California, I’ve been really missing good Mexican food. The other day I finally found a place that hit the spot, Burrito Company. There’s a surfboard on the wall, a big California grizzly bear as the logo of the restaurant, sweet alternative music and some Texas country thrown in. California in Alemania! Picture this: a lemonade in my left hand and big ass pulled-pork burrito with all the goods (rice, refried beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, lettuce) in my right hand. Pura Vida! They even served it with chips and a precious side of guac. This really made my day. While sitting in the restaurant and devouring my fat-ass burrito, I see an older German couple coming into the restaurant under the guidance of a younger couple. It appears the older couple had never seen a burrito before and the look of excitement in their faces while watching some young guy scrapping the aluminum cover off an enormous burrito was mind hysterical. The older woman just smiled like a Puertorican seeing the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean ocean after returning from freezing cold weather. Yes, true happiness!
All in all, today was another good day! In addition to finding Mexican food, I’ve had plenty of time to explore Oktoberfest and take care of a few new resident necessities like getting a bank account, visa, SIM card and more. Tomorrow is my last day camping in Munich. I”ll be returning to a nice, soft, warm sofa thanks to my dear friends Kathie & James!
Here I left you with some more pictures from my recent days in Munich!

2 thoughts on “Camping in Munich

  1. Glad to hear you are getting along ok!
    Fun to see your pictures.
    Good luck apartment hunting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Dawn! This weekend seems promising.


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