Meaning of Yoga

For me Yoga means strength, courage and wisdom. Yoga is my way to show appreciation and grace to my physical body. Yoga is a way to observe and relax my constantly working mind. Yoga is that which was missing, but which has come to be. Yoga is what can’t be touched but can be felt. Yoga is a sense of self and humanity, a driver of compassion, kindness and happiness.

Each yoga practice is unique, challenged by a different state of being. Constant change is the rule of life that is always met. My daily yoga practice brings a sense of fulfillment, peace and mindfulness to my persona. To practice yoga means to care. To care for what is real and important. To put oneself out of the comfort zone and achieve greatness. To practice yoga means to have a desire for openness and freedom. My yoga practice yields a force driven to achieve enlightenment of the mind. To open ones eyes and see. To open ones ears and listen. To open ones mouth and speak. To be a yogi is to have the courage to face a transient world and know how to behave.

I found yoga in 2013 while traveling from South to Central America. I still remember the days where I didn’t know what I was doing but I felt I had found something valuable to me. A practice that not only made my physical body release pain and suffering but that also made me a kind, more conscious sentient being. At that point I knew yoga would be part of the rest of my life on earth. Yoga helped me realize my anxiety towards the unknown. It allowed me to be, to have faith in life and to continue to live the present moment. Yoga has shown me that there is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than to be in the present moment. To allow the unstoppable, constant changes of life to be. To watch life unfold.


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