Passing through Life

Under the bright lights that channel through the mosaic colored windows, a group of people gathers to share their condolences to the Gullbranson family in a Lutheran church in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Lots of silver heads exchange hugs and kisses giving birth to conversations that remind them of their young ages. This is a beautiful scenery, a memorable one.

Ceremony begins at 1:00pm sharp with the walk of the family members. The church is full. Eileen Gullbranson has touched many lives. What a great feeling. As we remember the moments lived with the person that has crossed over to the other side, emotional pain and sadness arise. Death starts to remind us of the gift of life.

From the little that I knew Eileen, Andrea’s grandmother,  I could tell that she was grateful and happy with the life she had lived. I can also vouch for what an amazing grandmother she was. She cared for the well being of others, and loved her family. A teacher by nature, Eileen showed me that even in severe sickness one can find joy in life. Eileen has left our natural world but her memory will be alive in her 2 sons, 2 daughters and her grandsons, Adam and Andrea.

Eileen, I want to thank you for the amazing gift you have given me, Andrea J. Falkofske, my woman. I know that somewhere somehow you are still following my stories and reading this. A big hug is going your way!

Let’s celebrate grandma’s life with joy and happiness. Let’s share with everyone that her passing through life is one that we shall all remember.


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3 thoughts on “Passing through Life

  1. Thank you G. You made me cry but yes we were so fortunate to have an amazing mom. Love you, Lynn


  2. ❤❤❤ well said.


  3. What a beautiful and loving tribute to Eileen. Love that you are a part of the family.
    Karen Ford


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