Yoga Transformation


Today marks the beginning of my yoga journey. Today I graduate from the 200hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training. It is with a mix of emotional energy that I push each letter to create words and sentences that give meaning to my thoughts. I have been blessed to work with an amazing group of devoted yogis. Thanks to them and their support I have realized that anything in this life is possible. This training allowed me to understand that our boundaries are created by our own mind. The mind purposely creates these boundaries to hinder our uncomfortable experiences or emotions from arising. Yoga teaches us how to work with these boundaries or limits we have set on ourselves. It helps us transcend them and see what else is possible. Yoga lets us see our true self by increasing our divine knowledge, conscious meditation and asana (physical) practice.

Six months ago I decided to open a new door, a door that I wasn’t aware was available. When I first unlocked this door it led me to an obscure place filled with darkness. To open this door, I invited confusion to ignite curiosity and understand where this newly opened door led. During my meditation practice feelings of fear, anger and desire arose but there were no physical events triggering their inception. Weird. As my practice strengthen these emotions continued to exist but with less impact on my physical body. The physical pain that these emotions cause, like lower back pain due to stress, started to fade away as I became calmer and more conscious about their roots. Slow and steady I started to understand their true nature. I used my magnifying lens – inner eyes – to enable me to see the gunas. At this point I realized, I was into something big. A path that allowed me to create my true nature.

Finding your inner path is not like opening a door and leaving it open. That doors needs to be kept open over and over again. This is done via meditation and asana practices. If there is something that I’ve learned throughout my 30-years of living on Earth, is that a life lived without risks into the unknown, is a mediocre life. There is no growth without risk. As humans we need to realize that it takes a lot to know yourself, it takes a lot to understand who we are and what is our purpose in life. I am humbled to have found yoga and the wisdom to allow it to show me the different paths to reach our true inner beings.

I want to thank for my teachers Michele Loew and Simon Menasche at The Yoga Space in Portland, OR for their teachings and wisdom.



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