The Divine

Two months and one day since I wrote my last blog post. The past two months have been filled with suffering, expectations and joy. As I try to keep moving forward, there are things that hold me back. These have been the focus of my utter attention; it can be tough sometimes. Pain, stress and even sadness have stirred from my journey. No wonder people say life can be rude, the instances where we let our senses take over, allow for our lives to feel unbearable, sometimes even pointless. But it is not. Life is precious and should be treated as such.

The universal consciousness affects every human being in the planet. The world is undergoing unprecedented challenges and volatility. These can take over our senses and make it seem as if we have no control over our own destiny. This is stressful. The pain of others is our pain too, the sadness of others is our sadness too. We are all interconnected by the pure lines of energy that transverse through our tunnels of connectivity. The flavor, the touch, the smell are all qualities we share and provide each other with the taste of living.

Unsurpassable joy can be achieved by following the path of the truth, the path of the divine. Appreciate each human being is divine; our souls are united by the tremendous qualities we share. Love virtue and all humans will be virtuous. The Hatha, Sun and Moon, the light and the darkness, share their qualities upon us and allow us to arise to our highest self. Look at nature’s sense of belonging to the universe, this is our path as well. Feel the union with it, watch it carefully and awaken the bliss. Isn’t it wonderful how we can be happy and understand why? There we are, eternal joy with the divine soul. Eternal joy with your own being.



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  1. Practice of yoga surely brings pure joy whatever situation we may be in. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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