Impermanence, a word that we use in the practice of yoga and mindfulness almost every time. I thought I had an understanding on what it means, that I had mastered it, mistake. When impermanence touches you, you realize that you had no idea what it truly meant. How to be unattached doesn’t mean not to care, it just means that you care but understand that the flow of life dissolves things in the divine fire. For this reason, there is a saying that says “people come and go”. We have childhood friends, college friends, and even enemies but they come and go and eventually dissolve.

Those who have lost a close friend, a significant other or someone they deeply loved are blessed. They understand very clearly what is the meaning of impermanence. They can see that impermanence has no dependency, there is no cause and effect theory or rule. Things just naturally change and those that resist will naturally suffer. This is one of the hardest teachings to learn and grasp. To let go, to let it be, to let it dissolve.

The power of fire is clear, it burns, it clears the gaze, it rattles ignorance. What we think we want does not translate into what we should have. That is the definition of attachment, to want, to need, to desire. There lies the open door to suffering. But how can we eradicate ignorance and still care and love? This comes with practice. The realization that the present moment is the true self. That now is what we are and should be. Emotions, sensations and thoughts are all a result of not being in the present moment. By staying in line with the truth we can understand the definition of impermanence.


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